Thursday, February 3, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore

Okay, this is a long overdue entry. Like really looonnngggg overdue.
We had the opportunity to go to the Universal Studio Singapore USS (like last year kot pergi. hehehee), sponsored! so off we go to the Merlion Island!!!!!

As I read the review, most readers suggested that you go as early as possible. Like super early. So we were there at 10am. ye. Sebaik sahaja pintu dibuka kami sudah menyerbu. The line was not that long eventhough it was a 'SOLD OUT' entrance day that day. Ouh ya some tips, whoever wants to go to USS, kindly buy the tickets online prior going. You dont want to be disappointed knowing that you fly to the other side of the country for a SOLD OUT day entrance.

[the famous USS Globe]

More info on USS you can go to this website Resort World

Okay, we started our journey to Ancient Egypt and it was awesome. Ancient pyramids and obelisks stand fast against the sands of time as you are transported to 1930’s Egypt, the Golden Age of Egyptian Exploration. Travel to an era when entire Pharaohs tombs were discovered- and their terrible curses unleashed

[he tried to reach the statue's balls i think]

[fierce! oh well only one remained in character]

[the girl model definitely stays in character]

In Ancient Egypt they only have two kind of entertainment; the Revenge of the Mummy rides and the Treasure Hunters but this is only children I believe. The rides was awesome, we took it twice. Hehehehe...ouh the waiting time is approximately 30mins so yah be prepared. No heels k
While wondering around the USS, you may be lucky to meet all those characters and I was lucky to meet the most adorable character ever in Shrek. Nope, not Shrek himself, and not Princess Fiona.


Puss In Boots was adorable and we dance for about 5 seconds. Hehehehe. I managed to catch Shrek too but the camera died on me that time. *sigh*

Theres so many interesting places to visit and so many shows. The one that I like the most was Universal Classic Monsters in “Monster Rock. The show that filled with great music, dancing, comedy, special effects, and enough pyrotechnics to wake the dead (quote from USS website). And all the buildings are super awesome too.

[the construction workers]

[the strollers parking. No parking charges I must say. Sweettt!]

The park were divided into 7 main area namely Far Far Away, Hollywood, Sci-Fi City, New York, Lost World, Ancient Egypt and MADAGASCAR! I love Madagascar. But too bad their rides are yet to be operationalised so I guess its another visit then.

[Penguins are toooooo cute]

[in front of Shrek 4D Adventure]

In Shrek 4D adventour you can see, hear and FEEL the action right from your seat as you join Princess Fiona & Shrek in a fairytale adventure*. Awesome. Ada air sembur2 kat muka jugak. Hehehhehhe

[he and his things about postbox]

[Far Far Away}

[belum bukak lagi BattleStar Galactica]

[I wanna get-oot]

[feels so sexy already]

Anyway, you wont find trouble searching for food in USS, theres plenty of choices and that includes Halal food. We had the delicious fried chicken at Goldilock and its SGD6++ per meal. A little bit pricey but heck everything is expensive if you convert it to RM. If you compare apple to apple I believe Singaporeans are enjoying a very goold lifestyles there. A cuppa @ Starbucks will only cost u SGD4++. Oh well, kalau RM4 kat sini not even coffee at Old Town kot? no?
I suggest you bring lots of supply of mineral water and some bread for in between meal snack. And wear sports shoes okie. Heels is a big no no. Bring your kids, oh well adults pun akan happy at this park. TRUST ME....
Enjoy USS! I absolutely did!


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