Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011 @ Jake's Charbroil Steak

First of all, I would like to wish all my readers (well, not that I have many) a very Happy New Year
May we have a wonderful year ahead and may Allah bless us in anything that we embrace, we believe in, we feel, we do and most of all we love.

Before the beginning, there must be an ending.
Well for me and booTak, we ended 2010 with a NYE dinner for the both us and us being 'matured', there were no more party, no more heading to club for countdown and no more excitement to flocked around teenagers to bid 2010 goodbye.

So we went to Jake's Charbroil Steak @ Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang
As the name implies, most dishes were meat base and booTak was loving it.

The restaurant was fully booked for the night as lots and lots of people flocked around BB area for some NYE celebration.

[ouh, they have NYE dinner set too. But it was sexpensive. YEIKS!]

A lot of meat selection can be chosen entirely up to your liking. They have sirloin, tenderloin, ribs, shank, you name it. Or should I say they have the whole body of the lembu up for customer to choose.

[some of the selection of beef]

After waited for almost 20minutes, our food arrived. The friendly waiter offered us the sour cream for the potato as well as their signature wasabi mayonaise. yeiks....if you have nose blocked, please have this instead of clarinase. Seriously

[our friendly waiter for the night]

So, I chose the BBQ Lamb Ribs [RM58] for my main. Since I saw the price was wayyyy too expensive and we were already there anyway [cannot cabut u know], so we opted for only main and no appetizer nor dessert. Hehehe.

[ the ribs was succulent and the BBQ sauce was good]

booTak ordered the Aust. Wagyu Sirloin Steak [RM68] for himself and he ordered it medium well. Oh well.


Okay, theres a reason why I put the price of our meal. The ultimate reason is to basically to try my talent as a food reviewer as I received email asking me to review their restaurant for fun (oh, not Jake's thou, I dont think they need that). It was from a complete stranger who thinks that I am honest enough to give honest rating and review about food that I tasted. Oh well, I am not a food reviewer you guys. But theres no harm in trying right

Second of all, I would like to draw your attention on how expensive a meal can be these days. On the menu, there were this Aussie beef which I dont remember the dishes name and it costs RM227. Yup, you heard me right, Rm227 for a meal. Wow, I have to be honest I was quite shocked. That can easily feed a normal family of 5 (parents and 3 kids) for a week with a normal selection of food and dishes.

This definitely makes me thinking how much I have wasted in life and how much of these can actually help other people to survive. *sigh*. I believe in 2011, I will try my level best to resume all my charity works that I used to work on before and perhaps contribute to the society.

But, since it is still 2010 (that night) and I have already ordered! Maka makan sajalah labu.

Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of service, quality of food as well as the ambience of the restaurant. To anyone who feels like eating a whole expensive cow, do make your way to Jake's Charbroil Steak.

They have 2 locations thou
1. Starhill Shopping Centre


2. Medan Damansara

Enough of food review then.

All, in all I must say this year it was different. Different in a sense where I do believe that 2010 went by so fast till I cant even catch up.
There were so many things that I still dont have the opportunity to have it, do it or be into it, and its no surprise when my other half mentioned the same thing too...

Is it us who were slow? or is it time awaits no people who feels that doing/completing or embarking into something can be done at their own sweet time.

One of my mission for 2010 that were flushed under the sink was completing my first 42km run. My first marathon. What make it even worst is the fact that I have already registered for it. Yah, I did.

I couldnt bring myself up for the challenge, I let myself down and I gave up even before I try it. That brings me to a point where I believe I am now becoming even more pesimistic in life and it is daunting.

Nonetheless, I really hope for 180degree change of me in terms of being objective this year and I hope I can achieve it.

Till then,

Happy New Year


Azza said...

Hope it's not too late wishing a Happy New Year to You :) Dont give up to complete your mission - doing first 42k. First time, dont think much about pb, most important you finish the run. I was sceptical too considering im older and few things in mind but i did it twice last year. If I can, so do you babe :) When is your next run?


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