Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bon Bon Sai Sai

Its been a while...

Super busy nowadays, with tonnes of deliverables, tight datelines, exam, handling a thing or two in life. Tiring but heck, its life. So we gotta suck it in, breath again and move on.

So, super quality time includes spending times with super cool people and doing super cool stuff. Well actually it doesnt have to be super cool stuff, as long as it involves booTak, then its fine

Hurm, we went to this Bonsai Carnival held at Jalan Rukun, Taman Bahagia, Jalan Klang Lama. It took us almost 45mins from Subang to reach this place since we dont have any GPS with us and boys being boys they never ask for directions.


Neways, upon reaching I can already see peoples creating a queue to be in. Well suprisingly not only old people like bonsai, teenagers does too. Ahahaha...
Everybody brought with them their bonsai collection for competition and also for free viewing.
Hurm, i let the picture do the talking la k....


* one fascinated guy with his camera

*"sniff come no smell at all ni awak?" - pardon my bimbo moment

*this one is super awesome

* the row of bonsais

* the row of bonsais again...

*ouh i love this one. Red in color

* Selling price at Rm1000. CAN U IMAGINE?

Well, we didnt buy anything because it was too freakin expensive thou booTak would love to get one bonsai to bring home. and theres not much picture of other bonsai tree as well as the rain poured cats and dogs 30mins after we arrived. Poor thing, sian dia beriyer nak jenjalan lagi nengok pokok pokok dia.
If you ask me will you go to Bonsai Carnival again
Jawapan saya ialah....
YES, only if takde persembahan ular kat situ. Its scary. (alamak takde gambar persembahan ular)



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