Thursday, August 19, 2010

The 25km Newton Challenge BIB for grab

I am announcing this with a bitter heart.

I am letting my bib for the above challenge where I am registered for the 25km Women Open Category up for grab.
Those who are interested to run the race however was a little late in registration can buy my bib instead.

Ouh yah, im selling it at RM40 only. The initial price is RM60 u know. See, almost 33.3% savings on your side (pardon the banker element in me)

Thou you can still register online now, however they have reached the 2000 runners limit and those who are registered after that will not get the Limited Edition of Newton Running Singlet.

In the pre-race goodie bag, you will get the 2Xu compression socks as well as the famous Newton running Singlet with 'S' size (or is it XS, shoosh I forgot)

Anyway, PM me at if you are interested or let the news spread to all ur runner friends, girlfriends, cousin and what not.


Julin Julai said...

Tempting nya..but I'm avoiding this one as they claim that it has loads of hills, and as you know , I'm shitty when it comes to hills..hehe

mclarenna said...

Ala kak.....meh la join. Hehehe.. ala u say only shitty when it comes to hill. tapi power jgk timing. Ala ala ada NOS kt dlm badan. Hhehee..but nonetheless, let ur friends know k.

RaYzeef said...

wow new blog design..i loike:)

hey why aren't u running this event? b'coz of the hills?

mclarenna said...

Hi RaYzeef,
Yah new design. Cun kan? ahaha perasan sungguh
Btw, about the run, cant run it for some personal reason. But looking forward for PBIM thou. Heheheh.


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