Monday, June 15, 2015

Trippin' : Gold Coast

To celebrate my birthday this year, I we chose Gold Coast, Australia for our much needed holiday. We were quite nervous about the long hour. But before the 15 hours journey we must try the 8 hours first right?

'tak mandi pagi' face 

The 8 hours flight was long, 8 hours flight with Adam was even longer. Haha. We were doing fine at the first 3 hours but we kinda lose it when he was jumping here and there at the hour 4. He refused to eat and only drink the apple juice (more sugar high)

At 5hrs we gave hime cough syrup! *hahhaahaha kidding*

We reached Brisbane International Airport and took our shuttle straight to Gold Coast. It was about 1 hour 15 minutes ride to reach our apartment. No traffic as reached at about 8 at night. Here, the shuttle was the most convenient way to travel to GC from Brisbane considering the amount of luggage, stroller and one cranky boy that we have. You can read about it at Con-x-ion
Very reliable, slightly pricey but to those who need comfort and easiness after 8hrs of flight, this is your best option

We settled in quite alright. GC was 2 hours ahead of KL so we reached our apartment at about 10pm. Too tired to walked out, we ate instant noodles. *guilty as charged*

We stayed at Ocean Pacific Resort Broadbeach. I lost most of the apartment pictures in my phone due to some storage problems (read: 16GB is not enough) but you can always click the link to view the property.

The apartment had a kitchen area fully equipped with cooking utensils, refrigerator, dishwasher, kettle and storage area. Its easier to cook here in GC considering halal food are mainly kebabs and all so I cant eat those forever

I would highly recommend the apartment. It was spacious enough for the three of us with ocean view!!! To be honest staying at apartments has more benefits than hotel here in GC. You can cook, do your laundry, and its cheaper if you travel in a group

The first day was filled with jalan jalan at nearby area and buying groceries for breakfast and all

The beach is really clean and it was really nice. I would recommend Broadbeach from Surfers Paradise. Less tourist here and not as hectic as SP

Day 2: Sooooonnnn



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