Monday, June 9, 2014

Take care of yourself

Eversince i've become a mother to my little bub, my one and only priority is him. I will do whatever it takes so long the outcome will benefit him which inevitably this did take a toll on me
I gain weight due to my low will power when it comes to food, as I always feel hungry when I breastfed him
I also tend to slightly deviated away from the beauty department, as my time to really put on all those make-up has significantly decreased to so little time sometimes I feel its worth to have a 10 minutes nap rather than be in front of the mirror and getting dolled uo
I now forgot my own recipe on mushroom soup as my time in the kitchen now is more likely used to cook his food to be freeze up

So yah, obviously these took a toll on my appearance, my hair are as flat as it can be, my clothes dont get me started on this one, if you are close to me you would realize that I usually will rotate and recycle my tops as theres only few left that I feel comfortable with

I know all of these makes me sound like a bad mother. I even hear people judging me as they keep on reading "oh my, those are sacrifices, mother does all that. If you cant do it then do be a mother at all"

Well, it is pretty simple to judge others. I know there are mothers who are able to do all of these but still looking superbly nice and skinny. *well, discard marion caunter in this.she has dozens of maids to help her*. To me you guys are real supermom. When people keep saying that mothers are superwoman, I dont think I should smile and be part of it, cause I dont think I am that at all

I am those mother who are scared to move my baby's position in the middle of the night fear that he will wake up and it will require times to put him to bed again. I am those mother where I fed my baby's his milk with my eyes almost shut down and "shu shu shu shu" were on repeat to ensure he would sleep right after milk time.

I am certainly not those who are high on whatever that can keep on playing with their little ones even at 10.30pm at night. and I certainly am not those mother who would always pujuk my bub when they put on his sulking face instead I would go and nag them, "dont be such a brat!"

I always believe that children should fear something in life. I dont quite care what is it but there must be something that they should fear. You can't let them know that they can manipulate you and they certainly cannot know that they will win all the time.

Since parenting requires two parties, a good cop and bad cop is after all the best approach. But mommy cannot be the bad cop all the time right? You know I was warned once before when I was still pregnant. A friend of mind told me, theres 2 types of father, the one that will be the one your kids fear, or the one that always complaint and tell you whatever you are doing is wrong and your approach sucks or in a layman term a good cop dad

Good cop,bad cop is okay but the role has to be on rotation. As I said earlier, mommy cannot be the bad cop forever! So it is wise to always rotate and to bear in mind whoever wearing the bad cop hat at the time, the good one should never complaint and marah them in front of the kids

But oh well, you can only plan. You can plan to train your child to sleep in a cot, you can plan for your child to be independent but both parties must agree to the plan then only it will work

I am still trying



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