Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Adam Khaliff is ONE

I have an overdue birthday party review to write about

Adam Khaliff turned one year old on 6 April 2014. I've started the preparation bit with a lot of imaginary ideas of how it should be with no execution at all.

I've only started my execution phase when it were 3 weeks left to the party was so hectic and madness

We have decided on a BBQ kind of party so I was not really searching for food caterer so to speak. My only focus was on getting some side dishes to complement the main menu for the day i.e BBQ. I ordered lasagna from Luscious Treat, the owner is my friend's big sister. Luscious Treat serve the best lasagna in town. I kid you not

source: Luscious Treat's page

For kids entertainment, I have tonnes of activities in mind but obviously we cant have it all. Initially I wanted to have a bouncy castle for the kids but considering the space constraints and grandma's house is equipped with swimming pool so we thought the pool would be enough to entertain the kids

So alternative activity for kids who cant swim, 


Tables for kids to have fun with the sand art. I bought the minions plastic table cover from bugsparty. Its just RM29.90. Good deal

Signage from dear Azalea

Adults can have fun too

Since this is a minion theme party, I tried to put in some elements of Despicable Me movie. In the movie, Gru has a weapon called freeze ray where it literally freeze everything that he pointed at.

But mine were just a watergun and those kids loved it very much. The watergun were so cheap it is just RM1.80 each, bought at a party store in Seremban. Thanks to my babe Annette

Freeze ray area

The water gun!

For the candy buffet, Ive customised the printing order for Kit Kat wrapper, mineral water bottle label, cupcake topper from PartyHat.

You should check out their website for a good package. Initially I wanted to get everything from dear Azalea but it would be too costly since I am preparing a party for almost 40 kids

The candy buffet table

Kit kat 2F wrapper

The candy buffet did not turned out as what I expected it to be. I ran out of time to search for better table cloth for the buffet station. At that point of time, I can only accept whatever that were there. Lesson learned, if you want the best, save some money and go hire professional

as for the main cake, adam was blessed for this super cute minions cake baked by his Mimi (prettyyummybyjjs) You can google her to find out what she can bake. Well, almost everything under the sun. She is so talented. The best part about the cake is that its a butter icing cake so you can actually eat the whole thing. I dont quite like the fondant type

All in all, it was quite a fun party. I also had some minion freebies for the games but unfortunately kids nowadays were not that interested with games. 

Thank God for the pool or else Adam's party will be the most boring party in the whole wide world

Well, I think thats all for now

Enjoy the picture

Adam with his fav babysitter


Oh My Son

Me and ana banana

cake cutting timeeeee. I tried to dress him minion's like. but i failed to find any yellow shirt to go along with. Lesson no 2, PREPARE 4 MONTHS EARLIER or hire professional


Thank you for all the gifts

signage by dear Azalea

Balloon arch by Party Shop

ammar and hannah with aunty nette had fun with sand arts

mi familia

well, adults can join in the fun too. thanks ieqa and dayang for being the life guard for the day

Happy Birthday my son. Mommy loves you so much



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