Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Love is when...

You know it is love when you drink milk 5 times per day just to ensure your body is producing enough supply of milk for your baby,

You know it is love when you shove those bananas even though you really hate them so you get enough magnesium in your body

You know it is love when you wake up at 4am in the morning just to do power pumping

You know it is love when you just suck it up when your baby chew your nipple as if it is some kind of toys

You know it is love when you pump your milk under the table in your audit room

It is amazing how much, how far you would go and do for your baby, and I will do this until I cant do it anymore. Adam, if you are reading this when you are old enough to have your own laptop and internet connection (mommy will not allow you to be on ipad, smartphone what not. hahhahahahh), do know that I will never regret all the pain that I have to go through because you my son, is the best thing that has ever happen to me and I'll bleed all blood for you. (but please dont stab me with knife)


Izrin said...

hahaha..I concur!!! dah brp bulan adam? I have not got time to write of how much I am in love. write more about adam ya..


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