Friday, March 8, 2013

Baby Shower

Last weekend was rather hectic...
Went to Ante Natal class, post birthday lunch for booTak with familia,
Dinner and the list goes on

To top it, booTak had to work on Sunday, so after that we went to KLConvention Centre for the baby expo.

Weeeee, we managed to get a very good deal for 4-in-1 baby cot (with premium latex matress hokieee), playpen and also collection for Burt Bee's bath care for the baby

Earlier in the morning, booTak said he wanted to treat me for nice hi-tea so he said wear something cantik for that
Little that I know that he actually planned the whole thing up
Just for this

A baby shower


You see, he is not the kind of person that is very good when it comes to keeping secret. So whenever he tried to plan something nice or surprise more like, he usually failed to keep it away from me
I can sniff it in a jiffy
Thats how good I am

But this time around, I have to give him a standing ovation
Coupled with clap clap

together with annette, they planned this earlier
the deco department was handled by annette and he was in charge for financial related stuff

Eventhough most people cant make it at a very last minute, overall I had fun
It was a small but close shower
Something that I will remember forever

The partner in crime

The mastermind a.k.a Finance Manager

We had it at Delicious Bangsar Village with 'A-Little-Man-Is-On-His-Way theme
Hi-tea for 12 people
Perfect, just what I needed
Something close and warm

Thank you again for the shower
I am indeed very lucky to have you both in my life



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