Sunday, May 27, 2012

[Trippin']: New York City

I think Ill start with the most NYC tourist attraction that I managed to squeeze time to go to. By squeeze I meant it. We had the chance to go to the Empire State Building, skyscrapper with 102-th floor. It is located at the intersection of 5th Avenue and West 24th Street.

Currently this remains as the tallest building in the New York city since the World Trade Center is undergoing the rebirth project after the 9/11 attacks.

Entrance fee is USD34 to the 86th floor of the building. You can upgrade yourself to the 102-th floor for another USD17 but I decided nahhh I am no King Kong to begin with so no need to go that high lah

[the line to get in, empty at night. ermmm midnight actually]

[learning some new facts about the building]

[my foot steps into the building]

[did I mention King Kong just now?]

 [used to be the tallest. but not now la kan]

[views from the above]

50cents for the teropong

So yah thats about it. The tour lasted for a good one hour. At 1.15 am I am ready to go back and zzzzzz



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