Friday, July 29, 2011

Harimau Malaya, kita akan bangkit suatu hari nanti

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Yah, we didnt win last night. Nonetheless, my full support will always be with Harimau Malaya team. Despite the high spirit projected at earlier time, we were defeated with stronger mind game played by the player from the kiasu-land. Hence the name, those sore losers will do whatever it takes to qualify to the third even if it means jeopardizing their reputation and by not being professional.

A few points to ponder. Not that I am good in this area anway, heck I cant even play futsal right. But I still think even with the non-professional match brought by the team that take pride of their neutralised players, Malaysian players still projected few mistakes that shouldnt happen at big game like this.

Passing Missmatch
Hurm, thats way disappointing to me I must say. Often we saw a lot of good chances were not utilised wisely by the MF. At this level, passing balls to the opponent would be a big NO-NO. I am not sure whether they were rushed or they cant really measure the dimension, but still the clear cut passing should be a breeze to them and it didnt happen last night.

Poor Defender
We have to admit, our defender and MF were a bit sloppy last night. Defender, yah we know that KFCM is that awesome but still you guys have to play your role. The goal scored by the loser-land was a little bit too easy. I guess they were expecting KFCM to block it and it didnt happen. Defender were a little bit lazy to chase the ball at the last 10 minutes (where this is the moment where they should have fought harder), they took too long to pass the ball (simpan lama lama tak dapat score bang) and yah the list goes on. King Raja has to do some amendment to this area I believe. I think Under 23 team's defender played better (again, just my humble view)

Yah, we are so going to win Oscar Award this year
I should not elaborate much. 90,000 spectators in the stadium (oh well minus those 500 losers in Spore box. Is that the best you can give? 500? Nampak sangat takut) saw what happened. The goal keeper is the one that bring my blood to its boiling point. Sakit otak ke bang asek pegang kepala je? Taknak injured, taknak hantuk kepala pergi main skipping la. and whats with the more than 6 times stretcher moment. Budak stretcher pun malas la dah nak masuk. I dont know, being a sportsperson I am, the most embarassing moment is when you have to be carried out from the field due to injury but I guess in loser-land they enjoy it.

Ref factor
I am so going to kick this fella's ass if I ever see him again. I was so close to even throw my bottle when they passed by the tunnel. He was concentrating on the 'lets-fake-injuries- game played by Singapura-pura and he wasnt firm in his decision. The linesman, OMG dont get me started on this one. pffftttttt.... Ref should not let loser-land controlled his judgement. Come on la, takkan langgar sikit dah ada gegaran otak kot. Please la.

No Mat Yo and Safiq
Hurm, things would be much different if Mat Yo and Safiq were around. But I guess, the luck is not on our side.

Nonetheless, the man of the match; it has to be KFCM, Kuna and Muslim. Seriously. Even Safee tak menyerlah sangat semalam.

Its okay Harimau Malaya, we supporters are not like what we used to be. Boo-ing if you lose and such. We are now matured supporters. We will stand by you whatever happen.


p/s: kesian kat aunty jaga injury loser-land player, asek kena masuk padang je.



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