Monday, December 5, 2011


Last Saturday was a hectic day for me, attended mini convo for my Shariah Law certificate in the morning, had a power nap; the two of us in the car at parking lot KLCC for one solid hour, had lunch and we ran to KL Convention Centre to watch the much anticipated event for the year

STOMP' 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, I had the chance to score good seats for the show, much thanks to booTak for sponsoring :)

Erm, I dont think stomp need any introduction, eventhough I had it explained briefly in my previous post. All I can say is its freaking awesome and I dont mind killing good bucks in my wallet *cough* hubby's wallet *cough* for it

Off we go to Door 2 to enter and we ran into Nanayau and siapa lagi, BF nyer lah....

Bergambar seketika

To sum the show up, I like all parts of it. Be it the broom session, the sink session, the paper session and so on...

But my favourite one was this....

ZOMG! mcm terbang ok

and this one. this part was super awesome. I saw the front row there were 2 kids were enjoying themselves kengkonon mcm tgh bergendang jugak. SOOOO CUTEEEE!!!!

who said brooms cannot be entertaining meh?

They really managed to get the crowd cheering non stop, even for us to clap. They really got us involved, I like the part where they made us imitate what they did...super cute...

Its funky, and it has beats and even kids likes it. Im sure one day once we have our kid we will definitely bring them to this show. (if datang KL lagi la kan...)

STOMP, sila datang lagi ye.....



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